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I am passionate about the code and everything that can be created through it, in my timeline as a developer I start to appear as Backend using languages such as PHP, Python and its Django Framework, NodeJs with Express, API Rest construction and Go.

For a while I specialized more as Frontend using Javascript Vanilla, I can't hide that I also used a lot of Jquery, such as create layouts with CSS and HTML, then I knew the frameworks like Backbonejs (at that moment) and AngularJs. For more than two years I started to program with Angular or as many people call it "Angular 2" which i am passionate and collaborate with this frameworks community.

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Always Share

One of the things that has brought me here, is to have consumed the knowledge that other people share on the internet, either through blogs, YouTube videos, etc. I am a faithful believer that we must share all our knowledge and collaborate in communities, that is one of the things that makes us better developers.

For that reason, I have been writing posts in Medium for quite some time, and not only about code, I also like to talk about my experiences and personal growth. My Medium

Detrás de una Startup

My experience as a developer at the beginning was freelance, then I worked in two Startups as Frontend Developer and now I work in Backstartup as Leader of the development team, I'm passionate about these business models, I read and share many things about Startups.

I would like to emphasize that podcasts are one of the most used media to consume content, so my wife and I created a Spanish Podcast called "Detrás de una Startup", where we talked about the world of Startups but not on the side of the CEO or entrepreneur but on the side of the team.

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